Pre-Order The Olivia Mask
Pre-Order The Olivia Mask
Pre-Order The Olivia Mask
Pre-Order The Olivia Mask

Pre-Order The Olivia Mask

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Inspired by the delicate beauty of ballet, The Olivia Mask is named for NYC-based ballet dancer, Olivia Mackinnon, whose grace and classic style shine through in this feminine, sweet floral mask. Follow Olivia and take her classes on Instagram at @OliviaMacKinnon!

Listing is for 1 mask. Pre-Order shipment to release on NOVEMBER 13th.

Straps are made for all-day or travel use, as ties are more comfortable than over-the-ear elastics. Made Re-useable for sustainability. Made by hand and with love in Miami. Pictured are two of the larger sizes flanking the best-loved typical size. See below for how to request the larger size if you have a wider face or would like more coverage for another reason, like to fit over an N95 mask! 


This mask is made One Size for (most) Women's faces. *If a bigger size is needed, please let us know in the order notes, as we are able to adjust sizing.

Cotton ribbon ties are 19.5" long.

Outer material is 100% Cotton

Inner material is 55% Linen and 45% Rayon and is very soft for comfort.

*Warning: This is not a medical-grade face mask. 

*Note: The placement of the pattern varies by mask. No two masks are alike and each mask features different imagery from the imagery on the pattern. If you have a specific request for the imagery on the mask, feel free to let us know in the order notes and we will do our best to feature a section of the fabric with your favorite imagery!

*Care: Take care of your special, handmade items. We recommend washing by hand, laying flat to dry and ironing if needed. Tumblr drying may be harsh for this product and damage or shrinking may occur if machine washed and dried. Take care and enjoy for many wears to come.